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Pizza for lunch every day

... is the authenticity of raw materials, products of our land, to make our unique and healthy dishes, our tomatoes, our vegetables and also caught fish in our seas, in an exaltation of taste and freshness of our plates, linked to preparations of ancient traditions, like our baked spaghetti, prepared with care, using the olives typical Ragusa, rich of intense scents of our countryside. Always pull a good wine, of course, Sicilian, and what better to complete your meal, choosing between a wide selection of wines as our Cerasuolo, a typical production of Vittoria, Nero d'Avola, the pride of all Sicily, frappe, Syrah and other wines, that our MaƮtre will be happy to suggest. Our Pizza is instead entrusted to the art of our pizza that for decades collaborating with our restaurant.

Pizza for lunch

Every day the La Valle offers its customers the opportunity to have lunch with a good pizza, at our headquarters or comodomante at home.

Fish Menu

Several seafood menus for banquets and ceremonies, with dishes prepared with art and fresh local seafood.

Menu School Trips

Fixed price menu for ceremonies and school trips, with very affordable prices for students and accompanying persons, in this section more info.

Pizzas menu Take Away

In the next area you will find a list of takeaway pizzas that will be delivered to your door.


Pizza Offers

Special offers for pizza around or combinations along with appetizers and desserts for banquets and celebrations.



Contact our staff for information and availability, we will contact you soon.


The Restaurant

With its nearly 120 seats in the restaurant, you can use both of the pizza restaurant, having the chance to choose the starter, even among our counters at buffet-full of grilled vegetables and boiled, and prepared by senior staff of our kitchen. In this room, furnished with simple style, you'll also have the opportunity to attend football matches in Serie A and European Cup broadcast by Mediaset Premium, the reservation is not mandatory, but ensures a better service.

How to reach us



Province of Ragusa

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